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Hotels are accommodation options are widespread in Las Vegas and many hotels either feature their own hotel casinos or are situated close to a wealth of vast, colourful casinos. The hotels in the city are incredibly varied and resorts are often simply enormous, resembling small cities and themed resorts. Las Vegas contains a wealth of hotels, many of which are located on the Strip and feature excellent hotel casinos.

Although there are a huge number of hotels located in central Las Vegas, including 9 of the 10 world's largest hotels, over 500,000 visitors stay in stay here each week, so accommodation always gets booked up quickly. Advance hotel bookings in Las Vegas are simply not advisable, they are essential, any many discounts are available online for hotels in and around the area.

Selecting your hotel in Las Vegas depends on many different factors, including your actual hotel budget and what you plan to do during your visit. The most luxurious hotels and casinos can be found at the southern end of the Strip, many of which are so large that the even include their own shopping malls, theme parks and entertainment venues. Numerous hotels are particularly suitable for families in this district and many contain their own onsite casinos.

There are a large number of hotels situated in the heart of the Strip, particularly on and around the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard. Hotels located in the downtown district always tend to be much cheaper and budget accommodation options are often available in this region of Las Vegas.

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