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Las Vegas Casinos InformationLas Vegas is the world's premier gambling centre and is full of enormous casinos and hotel casino complexes. Featuring many famous casinos, including Caesars Palace Hotel Casino, the Circus Circus Casino, Excalibur Hotel Casino and the Flamingo Hilton Hotel Casino, fortunes are regularly won and lost at casinos in this exciting city of neon lights.

Everything in the USA is big, but in Las Vegas, everything is enormous, including many themed hotels, resorts, modern shopping malls and the famous casinos, which are often vast. Many of the largest casinos contain thousands of slot machines and hundreds of card tables, including blackjack casino tables, roulette wheels, craps casino tables, baccara casino tables, and even gambling lessons and gaming information. A number of the buildings in Las Vegas hold world records, including the Stratosphere Tower located on the Las Vegas Boulevard South, which features highest roller coaster in the world and also America's fastest elevator.

Hotels and accommodation options are widespread in Las Vegas and many hotels either house their own hotel casinos or are within easy reach of the best and most colourful casinos. The hotels in this lively city vary greatly and many resorts are enormous, replicating small cities and themed resorts. Las Vegas contains a wealth of impressive hotels, with numerous hotels being situated on the Casino Strip.

This famous Nevada city is home to exciting neon lights, busy casinos, an average of more than 300 days of sunshine each year and many outstanding tourist attractions. Although Las Vegas is best known for its casinos and wedding chapels, there is so much more to this desert city, including landscaped gardens, wildlife habitats, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the nearby Hoover Dam, King Tut's Tomb and Museum and a number of magnificent art galleries. The city has probably created more instant millionaires at its casinos than any other city and is always worth a visit, with plenty of things to see and do throughout the year.

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